French is going extinct, and the culprit isn't English.

My fellow Frogs are forever fighting English and Frenglish - which they call franglais - but they choose to ignore the fact that a new, home-grown sabir is effectively replacing the French language, just as Muslim culture is gradually ousting the lifestyle of the Gauls.

Said Gauls have reached that terminal stage where, having lost all hopes of preserving a lifestyle of their own, they seize on anything that happens and develops in France and proclaim it a rightful part of French identity, as though it belonged to French heritage as authentically as anything else that France has ever witnessed or produced within its borders, and they will gladly subsidize it and even award it Francophonie prizes if they discern in it the slightest potential to some day rival Anglo-American cultural dominance.
Under such premises, any loan word is OK unless it comes from the Anglosphere, or, God forbid, America (which makes it not OK to say OK, whereas words such as couscous, hidjab, mufti or halal have come to be viewed as perfectly kosher in both writing and speech and are now in common usage throughout France, even among ethnic French).

The French are no purists anymore. They are cultural vitalists with a suicidal hatred of America. They will do anything to keep France a radiating kind of place, even radiate pestilence - they will do anything, short, of course, of ceasing to revile those ideals which make America the strong country that it is, namely faith, free trade, free speech or the right to bear arms.

It is often observed that the French tend to borrow only the worst of what America has to offer and do so quite avidly. The reason for it is ideological: for a French artist to plagiarize the most vulgar and violent US videos is not frowned upon by their fellow French because, in their warped minds, to do so reinforces the image of a barbarous, culture destroying America, one catering to a global audience of primitives still in need of enlightenment by the gift of Cultural Frenchness--the sole and only religion the secularist French allow themselves to have.

Revile America and ignore the bastardization of France and its culture. That's the policy upheld by the French State both within and outside of France. And the French sheeple are too happy to live by those guidelines.

Now I am a Frenchman myself, but I loathe chauvinism. I am not interested in denial and I believe in the benefit of denouncing the many facets of France's rampant Africanization / Islamization; one of them being the ongoing replacement of the French language not by English but by a language that has evolved within unassimilated immigrant communities for the past decades throughout France and has even acquired cultural status.

Now is the time to try and give a name to that emerging tongue.

That language, used by some 12 million Africans in the 800-odd projects that France counts, that Romance-based patois no ethnic French person understands, which doesn't even sound remotely Gallic nor is a continuation of long-dead argot, that language can't be so hard to label.

I suggest either "Eurabian French" or, for the sake of conciseness, "Franchabic", and for the French, let us coin the word "francobicot".

Whence the silence of French mainstream media over "francobicot"?

The French are quick to sneer at their Anglo-American "friends" for indulging in PC euphemisms. Yet someone who uses euphemisms still attempts to name reality. The French however will at times refuse to even name the realities that don't fit into their nationalist worldview. The French fall over themselves to hide and censor inglorious realities, and they sling mud and epithets at any compatriot who forgets for an instant to peddle to the rest of the world the myth of France as a powerful, vital and trend-setting nation. Their deluded chauvinism is so bad that any Frenchman who is repeatedly found in breach of that collectively enforced censorship risks permanently alienating relatives and friends.

They want you to pretend that the Arab-French aren't Arabs, but Beurs who are as French as Monsieur Durand and speak the same genuine and authentic French of France that everybody else in l'hexagone does and always will do.


Orgies of chauvinist self-delusion and self-congratulatory talltales are not to be questioned. Close ranks against zee eveel Anglohsaxohns! Arrohgawnce eez uh vir-tyooo.