Enough! Pave on TWDOF

Enough! Pave has noticed TWDOF's modest contribution to worldwide French bashing, a pastime that is as fun as it is healthy:

Le jour 496 de Sarko

Regular readers know that two recurring topics at Pave are the decline of the French language and the polyglot-muddle Francophonie.* Now there is a blog specializing in these two themes, The Worldwide Decline Of French Blog.

This is the only Web log to specialize in the declining use of the French language, both globally and within France itself. I use recent and less recent Web articles, blog entries and books written in French, English, German and other languages to document the failure of costly Francophonie policies in- and outside France.
Pave invites you to pay TWDOFB a visit.


As always, Enough! Pave, the worthy successor to the great, but defunct blog Pave France, the British need More Parking, provides us with plenty of useful links. Click them all and enjoy the Frog bash!

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