For junior high French, it may be au revoir

Article from: Star Tribune (Minneapolis, MN) Article date: April 4, 2007 Author: Relerford, Patrice More Copyright information
Byline: Patrice Relerford; Staff Writer

St. Louis Park schools are considering eliminating the language in junior high to bolster remedial-math resources in order to meet standardized test goals.

St. Louis Park schools soon could bid adieu to French classes taught by district teachers at the junior high level.

St. Louis Park Junior High Principal Les Bork told school board members last week that eliminating French could help the district put more resources into remedial math instruction to meet "Adequate Yearly Progress" goals on statewide standardized tests - the tests that measure compliance with federal "No Child Left Behind" rules.

The move comes at a time when experts say French is waning as an international language while the popularity of English and Asian languages is on the rise and German still thrives in ...


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