French PM Francois Fillon Speaks English to Investors


PARIS July 6, 2007 (Forbes/AP) - Mesdames, Messieurs, France is now open for business. ... In their efforts to draw a thick line between Sarkozy and his predecessor, French officials are even delivering their message in the language fellow conservative Jacques Chirac fought so hard against: English.
Prime Minister Francois Fillon told the World Investment Conference in La Baule, western France, last week:

We too often gave you the image of a country with escalating social contributions, an increasingly complex legal system, and discouraging red tape.
Addressing his audience in the language of his British wife [Penelope, who is Welsh], he said:

That is all over! We are going to make France a country where it's easy to do business, where you can concentrate on running your company without hassle or pressure other than those of the market.

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