The myth of French fluency in the Ivory Coast

Most Ivorians cannot read or write in French. Many speak pidgin French (far fewer have a command of real French). I recommend reading Francophone Studies By Kamal Salhi. Click to enlarge:

Francophone Studies By Kamal Salhi.
A collection of studies of the experiences, portrayals and representations through the eyes of writers, dramatists, artists and policy makers based in French-speaking areas. The work covers:
-- the French influence in the Francophone world
-- cultural variation in Francophonia
-- interdisciplinary (aesthetics, language, culture & identity, history, etc..).
-- the 'cultural production' of Francophones.
-- relations between metropolitan France and its former colonies.
This is of interest to observers of the French language and seekers of information on culture, history and politics in francophone countries.

More details
Francophone Studies: Discourse And Identity
By Kamal Salhi
Contributor Kamal Salhi
Published by Intellect Books, 2000
ISBN 1902454057, 9781902454054
280 pages

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