Decline of French Teaching in the United States

It seems that many schools have slashed French teaching positions throughout the United Stated or at least are considering doing it. If you know of such cases, please feel free to share it with us.

Back in 2003:

Backlash against the French Language?

TFLI Experiences Dramatically Lower FrenchLanguage Class Enrollment for Spring Term

More than 50% Decline from Winter Term; More than 75% Decline from Fall Term

Nashville, April 09, 2003: Although the cause is difficult to determine, the enrollment statistics indicate a trend which may demonstrate a backlash toward the French language. The TN Foreign Language Institute, a state agency offering classes in over 100 languages and other language services, has noted a decline in enrollment in French language classes compared with the previous two terms. Spring term, which begins this week and next, has only 27 students in French classes, compared with 66 in the Winter term, and 87 in the Fall.

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