Danish universities are increasingly dominated by English

In Magisterbladet:

Classrooms and lecture halls at Danish universities are increasingly dominated by English. In the media there is a heated debate about the English language invasion of Denmark. Critical voices have raised concern about the survival of the Danish language, and there is fear that the students will get less out of attending classes when university teachers have to give lectures in English. At the University of Aalborg the teachers themselves have said that their proficiency in English is insufficient for teaching at a high academic level. Therefore, the university will now establish a Language Advice Centre to help university teachers teach in English.

"The purpose of establishing the Advice Centre is to raise the quality of instruction in English, so that teachers as well as students feel comfortable about it" says Rita Cancino, who is an associate professor and Vice Dean at the Faculty of Humanities at Aalborg University. She is involved in setting up the Advice Centre which will open this spring.

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