Decline of French in the Spanish Educational System

O ensino do francés a partir dos anos setenta = L'enseignement du français depuis les années 70French teaching from the 1970's
Author: TATO Ma. Silvina, Universidade da Coruña, Spain

Résumé / Abstract
This article presents an analysis of the progressive decline of the French language in our educational system at the pre-university level, mainly in the elementary, secondary and vocational schools during the years that the General Education Act of 1970 was in effect. There is an analysis of how this language was gradually replaced by English as the language most commonly elected by the student body. Also presented is a panoramic view of the redistribution of French and English within the framework of the current Education Act LOGSE.
Revue / Journal Title
Sarmiento ISSN 1138-5863
Source / Source
2000, no4, pp. 119-151 (2 p.1/4)
Langue / Language

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