The Decline of French in Dakar

French is being supplanted by Urban Wolof in Dakar, a study by Inga Walte reveals:

The Use of Code-switching, Code-mixing and Accomodation
By Inga Walte
Published by GRIN Verlag, 2007
ISBN 3638755037, 9783638755030
72 pages

This is confirmed by Symbolic Confrontations by Donal Brian Cruise O'Brien:

Symbolic Confrontations: Muslim Imagining the State in Africa
By Donal Brian Cruise O'Brien
Published by C. Hurst & Co. Publishers, 2003
ISBN 1850656991, 9781850656999
243 pages

Codeswitching by Carol M. Eastman arrives at similar conclusions:

By Carol M. Eastman
Contributor Carol M. Eastman
Published by Multilingual Matters, 1992
ISBN 185359167X, 9781853591679
228 pages

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