First Lady Carla Bruni Heaps Scorn On French Obsession With Language

The Times Of India, 20 Jan 2008:

"I like to be Italian. I like the Italian temperament and I like Italian food. French people are in a bad mood for some reason, and the Italian people are in a good mood.

"French people are always negative. They're also crazy about their own language, so every time there's something that's not in French, they get so mad about it," the 'Daily Mail' quoted Bruni as saying.

When asked if the famously elegant Paris was a nicer city than London, she said: "I don't think so. I've really been surprised at how beautiful London is.

"And in London you don't feel the pollution because there are so many parks. In Paris, I live on the edge of the city because it's the only place where you have green spaces. In the middle of Paris, it's really hard, really unbearable."

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