Things to Look Forward To 2008

What can a kid look forward to who was tricked into taking up French? Dropping it of course:

Things to Look Forward To 2008
It's the New Year!! Who's excited? I am.
Things to look forward to this year (for me at least) :

-Study leave (aka slobbing for ages)
-Longest Summer Holiday EVER!
-Sixth Form (you know it's gonna be ace, plus I get to drop French at last)
-Learning to Drive (17! finally)

Let us congratulate Sarah on this wise decision.


Anonymous said...

Let me guess, a french girl dumped you?

Unfrench said...

Stay on topic please! This is about the worldwide decline of the French decline, something that the French are unable to stop even though the Canadian and French States have spent billions of Euros and Canadian dollars to keep it strong internationally.
The world is opting for English, the language of freedom, not for French, the tongue of State centralism and collectivist totalitarianism.