"in 2011 French will be history"

Looks like the Rwandans mean business. Way to go, Rwanda!

    KIGALI, Dec. 18 (Xinhua) -- Rwanda's schools will cease the use of the French language for instruction in two years, the country's Education Ministry announced Thursday. The private Rwanda news agency quoted Mutsindashyaka Theoneste, state minister for primary and secondary education, as saying that in 2011 French will be history. "After that time, only French will be taught in French, "said Theoneste amid laughter from the audience at the on-going national dialogue. He said that by adopting English, Rwanda was simply joining the international system.   The Rwandan official said that starting with next academic year, all science subjects will be taught in English, adding that by the end of 2010 all schools will be English speaking.  However, the decision to drop French made in August has attracted heated debate. Some quarters have linked it to the severing of relations between Rwanda and France. In November, 2006, Rwanda cut diplomatic ties with France after a French judge called for Rwandan President Paul Kagame to be tried over the killing of a former leader 12 years ago.


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