French Down the Drain

Take a tour around the blogosphere to discover why all the money the French government is spending around the globe to flood the Earth with French classes will never avail to anything:

2 years of hs french down the drain — 2 years ago

You can probably relate to not picking up anything from your high school foreign language classes. I was that way but I also did a little self study after hs.

I was self-teaching myself on and off but I stopped a while back from the lack of usage and boredom of just talking to myself.

Here’s to starting with the spanish lessons. Everyone speaks Spanish in California anyway. Haha.

May 26, 2006, 05:12AM PDT

OMG, I HATE FRENCH! lol, but we have to learn it here in Canada.....=/

Je parle un petit peu du francais! <-- I think it's right lol. My french is SOOO AWFUL!
heh I live in Qc, hence I've been in a french school now, for lets see... 13... this is my 14th year :o (bilingual school this yr :P) alors tu vois, moi tu peux me parler quand tu veux en français et pour les devoirs ça va aussi :P :)

This user says his father's a French speaker, that he himself has been at a French language school for 13 years. While his English is native, his French is completely wrong and un-French:
For my english... well my mom is english... so lets say half my family is english and the other half is french :P so I grew up with both... I think my written english is worst, tho I do have a small accent in english :P
cool!! es tu deja venu en france?
So much for language policies being a success in Quebec.

Wow, four years of French down the drain. Or it's hiding somewhere deep in the attic of my mind and has stubbornly decided not to show itself. Either way, I don't understand a single word of French! It's terrible. And now, unlike Spain, everyone just reverts to English and I don't learn anything. Mon dieu.

haha. I took 2 years of french. But...i dont remember a lot. :( Umm...hmm..lets see here. Je m'appelle Amanda. 16 ans. (?? i forgot how to say 'i am 16 years old'). J'aime ecoute de la musique. (?) umm...crap. I forgot a lot of stuff. :-\ 2 years of french down the drain.
yeah, but Rowling's are much too obvious to the viewers she's targeting. Of course, Lupin also means rabbit in french but otherwise it's all too obvious. I would personally never think of looking into the dutch meaning of the word Vader.

EDIT: Nevermind, Lapin is Rabbit, but Lupe is Wolf. There goes ten years of french down the drain ^^;

This Project was to be called "Castelas" which I'm guessing is French for castles. Two years of high school French down the drain.

I studied French. Je parle on peu francais. And that's about all I remember. Ca Va?

The point is, people aren't going to strive to learn a declining a language that they don't have a reason to use. All the French classes of the world won't make a difference.

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